Eton Mess

Eton mess is a simple dessert that can be whipped up in minutes yet ends up looking like you spent all day making it. I love the combination of the crushed meringues with the whipped cream and the tartness from the strawberries. It has a lot of texture going on, but I love the interaction of different textures in my food so it's quite perfect.

Eton Mess

Yield: makes 4 servings


½ lb. strawberries, hulled and chopped
2 tablespoons granulated sugar
2 tablespoons cranberry juice
1 teaspoon balsamic vinegar
¾ cup heavy cream
½ teaspoon vanilla extract
8 meringue cookies


In a small bowl, combine the chopped strawberries, sugar, cranberry juice and balsamic vinegar. Stir until everything is well incorporated; set aside.

In the bowl of a stand mixer fitted with the whisk attachment, whip the heavy cream and vanilla extract together until stiff peaks form. Crumble 6 of the meringues into the whipped cream and fold gently to combine. Add half of the macerated strawberries into the heavy cream mixture and fold gently to combine.

Divide the cream into 4 serving dishes and top it with the remaining strawberries. Crumble half a meringue onto each dish and serve.