What is Ever Sweet?

Ever Sweet is a pastry boutique specializing in French macarons and a food blog.

I've always had an interest in food, but when I became a wife and a mother that interest blossomed into a full blown passion. I began to pour every bit of love I have for my family into every plate, every cup and every little morsel. Every moment I can spare is spent scouring the blogiverse and food culture media to compliment my passion and hone my skill. It's a grass-roots process. Ever Sweet is my effort to share that process and to contribute a service to bring all of the love and delight from our table to yours.

The French macaron is one part of my culinary journey that significantly stands out from the rest. It's something that I have explored to such a degree that I feel confident in providing a valuable service and product for you and your special occasion – whether it be a wedding, a baby shower, a corporate event, a rainy day or a random indulgence. 

So welcome to Ever Sweet Pastry Boutique. Explore the blog